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The Urban Writers

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201-500 employees people
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Privately held
About The Urban Writers

We aim to be the trusted online leader in ghostwriting services by focusing on providing the best possible experience for our customers and our team members. What makes us unique is the culture we have fostered within our community. By establishing a bright, harmonious and dedicated team of people who genuinely care about The Urban Writers, we are able to provide authentic, quality services, effectively and efficiently. We challenge and encourage ourselves and each other to take ownership of our roles, equally. Additionally, we make process improvements a priority to continuously provide quality services above all. To be a trusted leader, we must focus on providing consistent, high-quality content, exceptional customer service, and a team culture that allows for growth and improvement. To be exceptional leaders, we must lead both internally and externally. Our team is equal in importance to our customers. Trust isn't given, it is earned. We have made it a priority that our customers receive exceptional support to ensure they're at ease throughout their entire experience with us, from start to finish. Furthermore, we choose to stay at the forefront of technology and be in sync with our customers'​ needs. Our customers'​ success is the foundation of our business.

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