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A partnerships platform enabling trustless engagements, blockchain integration and crypto & NFT rewards
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About Usher

Usher is developing the Partnerships protocol for Web3. Commerce thrives on recommendations and word of mouth. The eCommerce, Travel, Finance and SaaS industries have already proven that incentivised word of mouth works. Commission Junction, and other partnership platforms have delivered on this value proposition for Web2. We’re on a mission to bring this very same value proposition to businesses developing on decentralised networks, such as NFT brands and marketplaces, DeFi protocols, dApps, Blockchains and all other Web3 brands. We’re an early-stage startup backed by the likes of Arweave & Awin, building decentralised technology that enables Referral, Affiliate and Reseller programs for Web3 businesses. The founder has engineering experience at startups, some that are now publicly listed, and has project and talent management experience from operating a software studio. Our customers can be any business across the world capable of funding their partner programs with cryptocurrencies.

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Last updated: December 13, 2023
Parramatta, New South Wales