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* Sales Manager, Gigster Network

Fully remote

16 days ago
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Are you a high performing sales manager who's looking to take your management skills to the next level?

If you are a top performing sales manager, you understand how important call quality is. That’s why at Ionic we believe that sales managers should be focused on what they do best--coaching. We believe that the quality of sales calls is the most important part of any sales process and that great coaching leads to great calls.

We also understand that managers want to develop and grow themselves. That’s why we provide continuous training and coaching focused on unlocking your potential. We want our sales managers to be the best they can be!

Imagine working for an organization where you have unlimited opportunities to grow and develop. Where you're not bogged down in administrative tasks and spend 80% of your time coaching and helping sales reps improve. Where the organization is just as serious about your development as you are about your reps'. Our management approach is proven to deliver results and is supported by a leadership team that’s passionate about helping people reach their full potential. Our commitment is to teach it to you and provide the feedback and coaching necessary to help you continuously improve.

If you are passionate about coaching and developing talent, and are just as committed to developing your own talent, then this role is for you!

About the job

Most of your day is spent coaching and driving performance; not meaningless administrative tasks or endless meetings.

In addition to being sales and coaching experts, we expect our sales managers to be experts at understanding process and quality standards. On average, you will spend 10% of your week completing deep dives on process failures, lost deals, and customer escalations.


  • You will be an expert on the products you support and be able to effectively communicate the benefits as well as value to customers. This means that you will continuously stay up-to-date on product information and know your competitor's products as well as you know your own.
  • You will review and grade pre-work against quality standards
  • You will review and grade Mutually Agreed Plans (MAPs) against quality standards
  • You will deliver regular coaching and training to improve your reps' sales skills.
  • You will complete deep dives on process failures, lost deals, and customer escalations.
  • What you'll learn

  • You will learn our call quality bars
  • You will learn our sales model and processes
  • You will learn how to take a call apart piece by piece, identify the single most important coaching item, and provide effective coaching on that item.
  • You will learn how to complete a thorough deep dive
  • You will learn how to complete a Time Motion Study
  • You will learn how to complete a Zero Based Target
  • Qualifications

  • Software sales experience - min 5 years
  • Software sales management experience - min 2 years
  • Excellent verbal and written English communication skills
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