20 January, 2023 | Full-Time

Senior Full Stack Developer

Tired of endless hours of technical testing? Are you prepping for multiple rounds of technical interviews just to find out someone else got the job?

How about an opportunity that has NO technical interviews? Sounds too good to be true, but it actually exists!

At Commit, we’re hiring Senior Full-Stack/Front-End/Back-End Software Developers. Three brief, casual conversations before you’re hired (learn more).

What we’re looking for:

  • Must be located and eligible to work in Canada

  • Have 4+ years of software development experience (excluding internships)

  • Have experience with some or a combination of the following technical skills:

    • FE: One/some of: Vue.js, React, Redux, Next

    • BE: One/some of: Node.js, Go/Golang, Python/Django/Flask, Ruby/Rails, Java/Scala, Rust

    • Understanding of DevOps: MongoDB, AWS, GCP, Docker, Kubernetes/Terraform, CI/CD

    • Understanding of RESTful APIs and/or GraphQL

    • Understanding of cloud-native distributed systems and microservices

    • Experience with relational databases, NoSQL databases, cloud infrastructure, product design

Does this sound like the right fit for you? Apply now!

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