02 February, 2023 | Full-Time

Marketing Assistant

  • Are you a motivated, hungry, growth-oriented individual looking to break into the high ticket sales industry by working at a fast-growth company (from anywhere with an internet connection?)...

  • Working side by with the co-founder and CEO of a company that has grown from $0 to over $10,000,000 in sales in 24 months...

  • To lead our marketing team to consistent $1,000,000 months and a $15,000,000+ year in 2023....

  • By consistently tracking and analyzing marketing data and coming up with (and implementing) actionable ideas, and optimizing systems that will increase the performance and profitability of our marketing campaigns?

If you answered YES to all the above, keep reading because this role MAY be a perfect fit for you...

Mission & Vision For The Role:

To assist and support Thought-Leader co-founder and CEO, Jordan Schumacher, in leading our marketing team to $1,000,000+ months and a $15,000,000+ year in 2023. This means consistently tracking marketing KPIs and coming up with actionable next steps that will do one of 4 things:

1) Increase lead volume
2) Increase Appointments Booked
3) Increase Appointment Quality
4) Decrease Cost Per Appointment

These 4 levers are the "North Star" and responsibility of the marketing team (and this role) to improve.

In addition to tracking and reporting on marketing numbers, you will be responsible for strategizing, creating, and implementing marketing campaigns for Thought-Leader, including but not limited to landing page development, webinar setup, stage logistics preparation, ad campaign ideation, and CRM automation.

You will work hand in hand with Jordan to create new and innovative solutions to the complex challenges the marketing team is faced with. This is a fast paced, high energy role with significant growth potential. The standards are high and the learning curve will be steep, but for the right person this could be the opportunity of a lifetime. 

Purpose Of The Role:

To drive business growth by assisting in the leadership of a marketing team with a monthly marketing budget of $300,000+ per month.

Role Duties & Responsibilities

You can view the job scorecard for this role here.

  • Daily + Weekly Marketing Numbers Reporting
  • Create marketing training video assets, playbooks, & SOPs
  • CRM automation fixes
  • Automated Email KPI tracking and suggestions for improvement
  • Internal webinar setup and cross team communication
  • JV / strategic partnership webinar setup and cross company communication
  • Marketing project management and stakeholder followup
  • Booking marketing team meetings and trainings
  • Onboarding marketing hires
  • Landing page development via LeadPages
  • CRM automation & diagnosing fixes via Zapier
  • Marketing Funnel development and QA
  • Email copywriting
  • Additional special projects as needed

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