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We are on a mission to give every company, no matter the size, the opportunity to innovate and help build a better future. Our Services: Dedicated Tech (full/partial) Squads: we create multi-disciplinary, remote (near-shore) Tech Squads that become part of your team. They adapt to your workflows and are trained on Agile methodologies to deliver continuous value. We believe that well-trained remote teams bring clients the opportunity to increase innovation output by accessing a greater / more diverse pool of talent, while reducing the cost of development. On-Demand Software Development: at our core, we are software developers excited about building digital products and solutions using the latest technologies and agile methodologies. 

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Benefits at Oowlish (3)

Oowlish provides learning and development budget, no politics at work, and 1 other employee benefits and perks.

📚 Learning and development budget

Expand your skills with company-funded courses and programs.

🚫 No politics at work

Thrive in a transparent, merit-based work environment.

💸 Location independent salary

Earn a competitive salary regardless of where you live.

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